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Documents with multiple numbered sections

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I won’t lie – I got help with this one from the nice people at because I just couldn’t make it work! What I was wanting was this:

transcript line numbers1I needed transcripts starting at different line numbers (not using the numbered list method because this makes it harder to number each line) that didn’t create weird breaks in the text. How you do this is as follows:

transcript line numbers2

First, select only your transcript text by left clicking and dragging over it, then go to the page layout tab and click the drop-down box called ‘line numbers’, select ‘line numbering options…’. Then you should see this dialogue box… now bear with me, things get tricky here:

transcript line numbers3

When you click ‘line numbering options…’ the ‘Page Setup’ box should appear (I’ve labelled this box 1) Now you need to make sure the numbered steps are set to the selected options:

  1. Section start set to ‘continuous’
  2. Apply to ‘selected text’
  3. click ‘line numbers…’
  4. In ‘box 2’ aka Line Numbers, tick the ‘add line numbering’ checkbox
  5. Make sure numbering is set to ‘restart each section’ – in this dialogue box you can also set your numbering options, so you can have the numbered section start at ‘1’ or ’25’ or whatever you like.

Once you’ve done all this and clicked OK, you’ll probably notice that a page break has been created after the end of your transcript, meaning the text that was directly below it is now displayed on the next page, like this:

transcript line numbers4By clicking the button shown on the ‘home’ tab, you can see exactly what’s happened here. To get the text which has been pushed away back onto the same page as the rest of the text, we need to change the ‘Section Break (Next Page)’ into a ‘Section Break (Continuous)’ To do this, do the following:

transcript line numbers5

  1. Scroll down and click on the text which has been pushed to the next page
  2. Click the tiny ‘expand’ button in the corner of the ‘Page Setup’ box
  3. Make sure ‘Section Start’ is set to ‘continuous’

Then click ok. What you should now have is this (again seen with the formatting visible):

transcript line numbers6Now you can see the section break has been changed to continuous, and the text is displayed directly below the transcript. Now you can follow the steps above again to number the second transcript, in the example above you could start your next transcript at ‘7’ if it is a continuation of the first transcript, or any other number if it is a later part of the transcript, or a different one entirely.

Hope this helps!


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