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Avoid using the same ‘such and such states’ line over and over again…

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In essays I often find – even in my own writing – people using the same line over and over:

Smith and Blythe state that…

Henderson states

So, I thought I’d provide you with a few alternatives – some will only be applicable in the correct circumstances, such as ‘hypothesises’ or ‘proves’ and some will be more widely usable. States is good, but it gets really, really boring when it gets used far too often.

Alternatives to ‘states’:

  • says
  • hypothesises
  • elucidates (don’t use this is you don’t usually write like this)
  • argues
  • proves
  • proposes
  • defines
  • counters
  • clarifies
  • suggests
  • describes
  • asserts
  • alleges
  • professes
  • cites
  • attests
  • confirms
  • demonstrates
  • indicates
  • implies
  • verifies

Try to mix these up a bit – use the common ones like ‘says’, ‘states’ and ‘argues’ more, but throw in a few of the more specific academic terms to make your writing more academic and interesting to read.


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