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Tips and Tricks 1: Quotations

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This is the first entry in a Blog designed to give you tips and tricks for academic writing. Each Tip will be published in brief on Twitter: @LizMarsden_AS, and expanded on here. They will be a mixture of grammatical tips, ideas on construction/structure and help on note taking and referencing. I will aim to publish every fortnight.

Tip No. 1:

When quoting from another author never quote more than 100 words. Quotes of a sentence or less should be integrated in the text:

Gail Jefferson, Harvey Sacks and Emanuel Schegloff (1977, 1987) established laughter as a viable research option within CA, before this, laughter was regarded as ‘out-of-control activity and not… a phenomenon which is strongly structured in [its] occurrence, organisation and tasks’ (Warwick 1989:30)

As shown above, quotes can be shortened with the use of ellipses (…) and the structure can be changed using square brackets [ ] (keep reading the tips and tricks for more on brackets and ellipses).

Longer quotes should be separate from the main text, indented on either side and single-spaced (though the formatting options on this Blog do not allow me to show all the formatting):

Holt states in her paper about laughter in complaints:

In each [sequence] there appears to be nothing about prior turns that explicitly invites laughter. Rather, complainants are engaged in a multi-turn complaint that is escalated just prior to the laugh-response. By producing a laugh response, complaint recipients transform the trajectory by disengaging from the telling and move towards topic termination.
Holt 2011:3

If quoting as above, quote marks are not needed, it is enough that the text is set apart from the main body of the writing and is indented. The text should look something like this:

All passages are taken from my Masters Dissertation. They are in the Harvard referencing style. Keep watching the tips and tricks for future discussions on referencing


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